Medical Students

Information for Guest Student wishing to do a rotation at IU Dermatology

The base guest student site is:

 The direct sites are:

US MD Students:

US and Puerto Rican MD students will now use the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) online application service to apply. I am currently constructing our website and our VSAS homepage. Please refresh your links once in a while as this information will be changing. The plan is to have the VSAS homepage functional by April 1st.  Please see

MD students who attend home schools which participate in VSAS will be able to apply for electives at your site and for now I will forward the requests on to you once they meet application requirements. Once I forward the request on to you things will be the same as usual. Just return the approval form to me and I’ll take care of finalizing the request.

 US DO Students:

U.S. based DO students will need to continue using a paper application as we have always done. We will process those the same as usual. Please see the application and the scheduling procedures for our 2011-12 policies. From what I understand (and hopefully it is so) DO students will be able to use the VSAS system next year (2012-13). When that happens all students except for the international guests will be able to apply via VSAS. This will standardize and also simplifying things.

Affiliated International Students:

If the student doesn’t attend one of the schools listed at the link above, then  we cannot accept them for official IUSM coursework. Please contact me if you have questions.

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