Conferences & Lectures

Residents are expected to attend all Department of Dermatology conferences. Conferences include but are not limited to:

A. Weekly Teaching Schedule for Residents

  1.  Monday – Book Club
  2. Tuesday – Basic Science, Therapeutics, Clinical Dermatology
  3. Wednesday - Grand Rounds (clinical conference), Kodachrome review, journal review
  4. Thursday - Dermatopathology conference

B. Dermatopathology

  1. Weekly conference (Tuesday), Theme based
  2. Twice monthly biopsy review of all Regenstrief Dermatology Clinic patients
  3. Dermatopathology journal review periodically

C. Basic Science

  1. Eighteen month rotations with six "courses" of 6-10 conferences
  2. Monthly Basic Science journal review

D. Grand Rounds

  1. Interesting and/or challenging patients are presented by the residents and faculty.
  2. Resident participation is required to work on morphology, differential diagnoses, and treatment plans.
  3. Guest speakers from Indiana University or visiting professors from other institutions will lecture to the faculty and residents. See grands rounds schedule (need hyperlink).
E. Kodachrome Case Review
  1. Faculty will conduct kodachrome slide reviews at least twice monthly.

F. Resident textbook review

  1. Residents organize a textbook review of a major dermatology text each year.

G. Journal Review

  1. Archives of Dermatology
  2. Basic science journals
  3. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
  4. Subspecialty dermatology journal review including Dermatology Surgery, Pediatric Dermatology, and others.

H. Resident Teaching Opportunities

  1. Residents will be responsible for teaching sessions with the medical students and rotating residents from other specialities.

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