Epidemiologic Research

Since 1972, a computer-stored medical record, called the Regenstrief Medical Record System was created and housed at the Regenstrief Institute in the Indiana University Medical Center Campus. The Medical records of more than 500,000 patients or 70 million observations have been stored since and capturing medical data of various diagnoses, test results and medications, from three major hospitals in the IUMC campus and 30 clinics and other health care sites in the Indianapolis area. This source provides an excellent opportunity for the epidemiological study and outcome research.

For years, skin cancer epidemiology has been the focus of epidemiological studies which including investigating the incidence of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer in the residential population of Kauai island of Hawaii. Recently, the focus is shifted, taking the advantage of Regenstrief database and data collected through newly designed prospective data sheet and questionnaires, to:

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